Here’s How To Make Free, All-Natural Fertilizer From Banana Peels.

Lots of Bananas

My family eats lots of bananas and that leaves us with a lot of banana peels every week. We put most of them in the compost bin but some of them get diverted to become free fertilizer.

Banana peels have lots of phosphorus and potassium (the “P” and “K” components of the NPK label on commercial fertilizer bags) so they make an excellent fertilizer. You can actually cut the fresh peels up and poke them into the soil for individual plants but if you have more peels than you can use right away or you want to fertilize lots plants without poking lots of holes I have a better way.

No Cost Banana Peel Fertilizer – Fresh From The Oven

The best way I’ve found to make fertilizer from banana peels is to roast the peels in the oven and then break them up and store them until needed. And this may be obvious but if you want organic fertilizer you need to start with organic banana peels.

Banana Peel Fertilizer Step by Step



Banana Peels in the oven before roasting

Banana Peels Before Roasting

Step 1 – Put a tray on the top rack of your oven and lay the banana peels on it as you get them. Don’t worry if you don’t plan to use your oven right away. As you can see from the first picture, I keep adding peels over time and the older ones start to dry out a bit on their own. I just leave the tray in the oven without turning it on.

TIP: Make Sure you place the peels with the outer skin down so they don’t stick to the tray.

Roasted Banana Peels

Roasted Banana Peels

Step 2 – Leave the tray of banana peels in the oven when you bake your food. This is how you can roast you banana peels without wasting energy. You piggyback on the oven when it’s already being used. Just leave them in the oven from preheating and until it cools down. If they’re not hard and brittle when they’re cool you can leave them in the oven to bake again the next time you use it.

As a side benefit you get a subtle aroma of roasted bananas while your food is cooking. I’ve never noticed it affecting the taste of the food but it does make me wonder if anyone has made coffee from ground up roasted banana peels. I’ll have to research that further.

Stored Banana Peel Mulch

Banana Peel Mulch

Step 3 – Break up the roasted banana peels and store them in an air-tight container.

Make sure the banana peels are cool before breaking them up.

And that’s all there is to it. Now, whenever you’re ready to add some fertilizer, you just sprinkle the banana peel mulch around your garden plants and houseplants and it fertilizes them as it breaks down.

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