Here are some of the most interesting eco-conscious articles we read this week.

Tallest Building in North America Gets Solar Windows – The Willis Building in Chicago (previously knows as the Sears Tower) is going to be retrofitted with photovoltaic windows that will generate as much power as a 10 acre field of solar panels. via

Eco-Friendly Peter Rabbit Book Just in Time For Easter – This new Peter Rabbit Peek-a-Boo book is printed with environmentally friendly vegetable based inks on 100% recycled cardboard. When your kid outgrows the story you can either donate it or shred it and use it as bedding for that rabbit you shouldn’t have bought :) via

Google Installs Wireless EV Charging Stations – Google has installed Pluglless Power charging stations at it’s Mountain View, CA campus. The electric cars pull into a spot and charge automatically via wireless inductive charging. via

30 States are Actively Working on a National Bike Route System – via

Miso SoupProtective Against Radiation Poisoning? – Researches in Japan have found that people who eat miso regularly may be 5 times more resistant to radiation due to miso’s detoxifying properties. via

Open Source DIY Wind Turbines – Washington state resident Make Marohn came up with a vertical-axis wind turbine made out of easily attainable parts that he says can be assembled by just about anyone. The “open source” designation means that anyone can help refine and update the design without violating intellectual property rights. via

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