Here are some of the most interesting eco-positive stories I ran across this week.

And yes, I know I call this “Green Links” and the links on this page are actually blue, but when the links were green they were hard to see. So we’ll just have to let it go. Ok?

Yahoo! Green tells us Nine Things We Need to Know before Buying and Electric Car. I’m pretty excited about the momentum electric cars are having these days. After state and federal rebates the prices for electric cars are getting pretty reasonable. It still may not get me into a Tesla but a Nissan Leaf is looking pretty attractive.

EcoGeek has info on a New Cement that’s Carbon Negative. Traditional cement creates a lot of carbon emissions, both in the manufacturing process and the material itself. Now there’s a new formula for cement that not only takes less energy to produce but actually binds CO2 during production.

Vases Made From Recycled materials are an easy crafty thing to make. These Insolit vases designed by Béatrix Li-Chin LOOS are maybe a bit on the pretentious side as they’re supposedly inspired by the planets of the universe but they are kind of cool looking. Check them out and get inspired to make your own creations. -Inhabitat shares it’s picks for the Best Commuter Bikes For 2011.

SimpleOrganic gives some great tips on The Wonders of Coconut Oil. I still remember when coconut oil was vilified for being high in saturated fat. The campaign against it ruined movie popcorn (in my opinion). Well as you probably know, sometimes more study is needed. Turns out coconut oil can now be seen as an essential element to a healthy diet due to its antiviral, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

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