Gold Basketball Trophies

If you have kids, or if you were a kid once, you probably have some trophies lying around the house that you don’t know what to do with. Kids these days start getting “Participation” trophies the moment they start toddling after a soccer ball.

So if you or your kids have outgrown their trophies you might be surprised to find that they can be recycled.’s Recycling Search Engine tells you where you can recycle trophies in your area. The trophies will either be given to charities to be reused or broken down for parts.

Personally I’d like to do away with trophies all together. Sure my kids were thrilled to get them at the time but they’re really a waste of resources (the trophies, not the kids). Kids know if they did a good job or not. they don’t need a generic, plastic, gold person kicking a ball to feel good about themselves. Honestly, I think they would be just as happy (or happier) to have a “participation” pizza party at the end of each season.

Please suggest that your sports league and other organizations find more eco-friendly ways to reward participants in place of handing out trophies.

Where to recycle trophies.

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