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Ayten Gasson Eco Friendly Lingerie

A UK lingerie company called Ayten Gasson just released a small line of eco-friendly lingerie made from an organic, cruelty-free silk that it calls “Peace Silk”. In the traditional silk-making process, the silk worm cocoons are apparently boiled with the live silkworm still inside. The Peace Silk process allows the silkworm moth to emerge before the cocoon is harvested.

Ayten Gasson currently has just three pieces in their Eco Lingerie line, an organic Peace Silk camisole, tap pant a teddy.

The signature camisole and tap pant set have been reworked in a stunning ivory peace silk. The classic teddy has been updated into a stunning stretch organic silk, trimmed with vintage cotton lace produced in the old lace mills of Nottingham. Hand tied ribbon bows are delicately used to complement the retro shape and enhance the vintage feel of this stylish piece.  Many of the pieces are still hand finished in the designer’s London studio, whether it’s sewing on a covered button trim or hand tying the satin ribbon bow details. Ayten Gasson hopes to expand the range and make the collection of ethical lingerie a permanent feature to the label.

The pieces are a bit pricey but the cruelty-free silk process is more expensive and there’s a bit of hand work on some pieces. Hopefully prices will come down as they expand the line of eco-friendly lingerie.

Ayten Gasson Organic Silk Lingerie


No One Likes a Dirty Beach Ogranic Cotton T-shirt
No One Likes a Dirty Beach – Organic Cotton T-shirt

This organic cotton t-shirt features a dark green background with the words “No one likes a dirty beach” in the shape of a plastic water bottle printed on the lower right side (or the left side depending on your point of view)

Today’s green t-shirt comes from Ocean Minded, a company that promotes environmental stewardship of the oceans and beaches. Their online store specializes in eco-friendly t-shirts, hats and footwear.

No One Likes a Dirty Beach organic cotton t-shirt.

Green T-Shrt - Breath Green

I really love today’s green t-shirt. The name of the shirt is “Breath Green” and it features a simple illustration of a pair of lungs made from branches and leaves. I think it’s a beautiful design and a great conversation starter.

The shirt is available from in different styles for men, women and children. Make sure you look for the sustainable styles to find this green t-shirt in organic cotton.

Breath Green Organic Cotton T-shirt.

Girl’s Earth Day Every Day Organic T-Shirt

Earth Day Kids Organic Tshirt
Kids Organic Cotton Tshirt – Earth Day Every Day

For today’s Green T-shirt Tuesday we have a great kids Earth Day T-shirt. The graphics are simple and fun with a bird and branch silhouette in the center of a pink flower and the words “earth day every day” above and below.

This 100% organic cotton t-shirt is available from

Green T-shirt Tuesday – March 29, 2011

Black Organic T-shirt with Dandelion

This week’s green t-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and has a graphic of a dandelion seed head blowing away. The colors are quite striking with a blue stem and orange seeds on a black t-shirt.

Sure Spring just got here and the dandelions currently popping up are happy, yellow and not even thinking about turning into those puff-ball blowy things (my son calls them “wishawaffles”) but maybe you’re wishes an’t wait for Summer.

If so, you can get this organic cotton dandelion tee for Men or Women at

When I checked today it was on sale for $24 but I’m not sure how long the sale lasts. No pressure 😉

Green T-shirt Tuesday March 8, 2011

100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt - TreehuggerTreehugger 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Today’s Green T-shirt is from This 100% organic cotton t-shirt comes in an earthy olive green color with a cool graphic silhouette of a tree inside an orange circle. The roots of the tree spell “TreeHugger” It’s subtle and striking at the same time.

It’s also available in a purplish-blue color.

Treehugger 100% Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Green T-Shirt Tuesday March 1, 2011

Here are our picks for Green T-shirt Tuesday this week. Both the t-shirt and the baby onsie are made from organic cotton to back up their environmental message.

Organic Cotton Tshirt Green CarOrganic Cotton T-shirt – Green Car

This adorable organic cotton t-shirt shows the ultimate green car. How great would it be if cars really could be made from leaves and have happy little clouds puff out of their butts? :)

Organic Cotton T-shirt – Green Car

Organic Cotton Onsie - Free HugsOrganic Cotton Onsie (Creeper) – Free Hugs

This organic cotton onsie lets your little tree hugger speak his/her mind without having to say a word. The print says “I give FREE HUGS (and not just for trees).

Organic Cotton Onsie (Creeper) – Free Hugs

Where to Buy Eco-Friendly Shoes

Great Places to Buy Eco-Friendly Shoes Online

The term “Eco-Friendly” can mean different things to different people. When it comes to eco-friendly shoes it could mean that:

  • The shoes are made from sustainable natural materials that can easily be recycled or biodegraded.
  • The shoes are made from recycled materials.
  • They’re made of vegan materials.
  • The shoes are Fair Trade and/or ethically produced.
  • The energy used to make the shoes came from renewable resources like wind or solar.

Or it could mean any combination of the above.

Well, regardless of your exact definition, here are some great online shoe stores to start your search for eco-friendly shoes.

Buy Simple Shoes – Simple shoes started in 1991 as a response to all the “Over-hyped, over-marketed, and over-teched sneakers out there.” Over the years the shoes became greener and greener and now are made from materials like organic cotton, hemp, recycled tires and inner tubes. They also have a nice selection of vegan shoes.

Even the packaging is eco-friendly. The shoebox is made of post-consumer recycled paper, soy based printing ink, natural latex and starch based cements. And they don’t waste materials on marketing tags hanging off the shoes.

The nice thing about Simple shoes is that you’re not compromising style for environmental stewardship. Simple shoes are available for Men, Women, and Kids in really nice styles from sandals to sneakers to casual styles.

Simple Shoes Women's AlohaEco Friendly Men's Simple Shoes FlippeeEco-Friendly Girl's Shoe from Simple ShoesEco-Friendly Toddler Shoes

Simple shoes offers Free Returns and Exchanges when you buy through their site. They also provide a Store Locator to find stores near you where Simple shoes are sold.

You can also buy Simple Shoes from They offer free shipping so you might save a few bucks and they sometimes have older styles that are not available on the site.

You can also find Simple Shoes at where you usually get free shipping as well.

Planet Shoes Logo is an online shoe store that carries a number of eco-friendly shoe brands. They sell traditional shoe brands as well but luckily they have a specific section of their site devoted to just eco-friendly brands so there’s no confusion.

Planet Shoes carries brands like Simple Shoes, Sanuk, Keen, Birkenstock and many more.

Planet Shoes’ eco-friendly policies:

  • 1% For The Planet – As a member of 1% For The Planet PlanetShoes donates 1% of all sales of it’s own Planet Shoes brand to environmental organizations. Sadly their house brand is not considered eco-friendly. Hmph.
  • – As a member of Planet Shoes is committed to offsetting carbon emissions associated with shipping it’s products. It offers a service called “Carbon Free Plus Shipping” which allows you to pay a small fee which is then sent to Carbon Fund to offset your specific shipping footprint by making a contribution towards projects that support carbon reduction and the production of renewable energy.

Planet Shoes offers free shipping on purchases over $49 and free returns. If you choose to use their Carbon Free Plus Shipping the fee ranges from between $1.01 and $1.75 per shipment.

Eco-Friendly Shoes from

OnlineShoes logo is an online shoe store that also carries a number of eco-friendly shoes in a dedicated section. Oddly they hide the link to their eco-friendly section at the bottom of their home page.

When you click on their Eco-Friendly Shoes link you’re taken to dedicated page that lets you choose Men’s or Women’s shoes by Size, Style or eco-friendly type. allows you to see just the shoes that fit into one of four specific categories or you can view them all at once. The categories are:

  • Hemp and Natural Fiber Shoes
  • Recycled Materials Shoes
  • Renewable Energy Shoes
  • Vegan Shoes

This is great if you’re looking for only certain types of eco-friendly shoes and don’t want to have to read every description to be sure the shoes meet your criteria. They have a large number of shoes and brands in each category to choose from.

Buy Eco-Friendly Shoes From

So these are some of our favorite online shoes stores that sell eco-friendly shoes. If you have another online store you like to buy eco-friendly shoes from please leave a comment and let us know.

Recycle Your Gently Used Bras


Bra Recyclers LogoDo you have gently used bras you don’t wear anymore? Have you been holding on to them because you’re not sure if charities allow you to donate underwear? I know it can be confusing. You hear rumors that some places take them and some don’t. Even if you do donate them, do they get a new life or are they thrown out? You just don’t know.

Where Can I Donate My Used Bras?

Here’s a great way to solve the confusion. An organization called The Bra Recyclers takes donations of gently worn bras and distributes them to charities that support women in need.

They have donation centers in about 10 states and you can also mail your bras to them. They are not a tax exempt charity so you don’t get a tax deduction but you do get the satisfaction of knowing your bra was truly used to help someone and was kept out of a land fill.

If you really need the cash you can actually sell your used bras on eBay. You probably won’t be able to retire on the income but you might help out someone in need there too.

Donate used bras through The Bra Recyclers
Sell your used bras on eBay

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